[caption id="attachment_3023" align="alignright" width="216" caption="LIA GRAINGER/METRO"] [/caption] A couple months ago on a rainy Friday we at Fresh City sat down in an office across from St. James Park.  We were graciously hosted by Kate, Phil’s girlfriend and her company, Instinct Brand Equity .  This was no run of the mill gathering. We were there to ask existential questions of this organization we have breathed life into over the last year and a half, Fresh City. Why do we exist?  What is our mission?  What are our values?  Too often we focus on the ‘what’ rather than the ‘why’.  We get into the details of what we are doing without abstracting away from the task to ask:  why I am doing this?  Why I am choosing to spend my time in this particular way at this particular time?  Each of us around the table had spent much time before the meeting pondering what Fresh City meant for us. During the meeting and the many emails that followed, we gradually realized that while city farming was a key part of our mission, it didn’t tell the whole story.  It didn’t explain the ‘why‘ of what got us up so excited every morning or drove us to squeeze that extra hour or two at the end of a long day finishing up this or that project. Rather, what Fresh City was born to do was to bring makers and eater together.  Put them closer together than they have been in two or three generations.  Put a face to the farmer and a name to the farm.  Peel away at the commodification of food.  Create an experience that is more intimacy and less market transaction.  Build networks of trust between makers and eaters.  Once we realized that our mission was to introduce closeness to our food system, our new tagline spilled itself onto the paper:  Growing Closer. In the couple of months since concluding this existentialist exercise, our foundation document has become a lodestar of sorts.  We decided to start running workshops to introduce people to the principles of organic farming.  The workshops both enable eaters to become makers and for eaters to meet makers.  Another example of our mission in action is our season launch event at the Gladstone Hotel this Saturday, dubbed " Meet Your Maker ".  It will be a chance to meet some of our member farmers and our partners. As always, we are always keen to hear your thoughts on how we can better accomplish our mission --- whether its something you would like to see in your box or an idea for an event. Keep growing closer, Ran Goel, Co-founder, Fresh City Farms