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Greenhouse Gallery featured on BlogTO

Check out coverage and pictures of this past weekend's Greenhouse Gallery, which Fresh City hosted in conjunction with About Face: "How's this for a novel gallery-going experience? In partnership with Fresh City Farms , the About Face Collective turned the greenhouses at Downsview Park into a huge art space this weekend as part of a fundraising effort for the Everything Roof project . With the work of 30 artists on display (and available for silent auction), live music, and some local food and drink on offer, the $10 suggested donation was well worth the price of admission. From an artistic standpoint, much of the work was pleasant and engaging, and delightfully lacking in pretension. The context suited the artwork well, though one gets the sense that the cavernous surroundings were more friendly to bigger pieces, which stood against their smaller relatives even more than they might have in a traditional setting." Full article:

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