One of our partners, Grainstorm, has just released their first-ever baking demonstration video.  Based right in Toronto, they are dedicated to the idea that baked goods can be wholesome, real food. We have several of their amazing baking mixes on our store to add to your box. Ast they note on their blog: "We want everyone to see how FAST and EASY it is to whip up a batch of GRAINSTORM muffins. You don’t need to be a pro, you don’t need a lot of time and you don't need a lot of fussy measuring. It literally takes like 6 or 8 minutes to get a batch in the oven -- the video is 3 min.  But as fast and easy as it is, GRAINSTORM baking is no compromise: your end result is not just regular muffins, but wholesome, nutritious food that nourishes you and your family while giving them a yummy treat at the same time."