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Fresh City is teaming up with Mama Earth!

I am very proud to share that Fresh City is teaming up with Mama Earth to create a company that will reinvent what a kinder, more just and more delicious food system looks like. 

When I founded Fresh City as an urban farm 12 growing seasons ago, I didn't know much in retrospect. But I did know that I wanted to dedicate my life to re-creating a food system that is kinder and more sustainable. More than ever I believe that change is possible. Uniting these two mission-driven companies is a giant leap toward creating a better experience for you and driving more needed change.

Back in 2011, shortly after I moved back to Toronto from New York to run Fresh City, I received an email. 
"Hi there! I just came across your site. It looks awesome. If you guys are ever in our area, let me know, I'd love to go for a coffee and meet." 

I had practiced investment law for a few years and had launched Fresh City from afar for the first few months. That email was from Alex Billingsley who had founded Mama Earth Organics with his wife Heather Billingsley a few years earlier. So began a relationship based on mutual respect and shared values. Both of us scaled companies that were more gentle on the planet and kinder to people.

Today, I am proud to announce that Fresh City has acquired Mama Earth. Mary Graham will be the President of the combined company and Alex will join our board. Simply put: the problems in our food system are too great and the growth opportunities too large for us not to work together. With the support of our 500 dedicated staff and impact-obsessed investors, we will push the conversation on planet-centric food to new frontiers.

To our valued customers, please note that your account and deliveries with Fresh City will not change and there is no action needed.  We know you have questions - we've answered a few of them below.

You can read more about today's exciting announcement, check out our press release!

With gratitude for your ongoing support,



Meet Mary Graham, President of Fresh City!

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the CEO of Mama Earth, and now President of Fresh City. At our cores, both Mama Earth and Fresh City exist for the same purpose – to help people make a positive impact on the planet through their food choices. Cheers to the exciting journey ahead!

We know you have questions!

Although we don't have all the answers to your questions right now, we can say that for the time being, we will run the businesses in parallel - as they are today (with no change to your delivery with us) -  so that we can learn more about our mutual businesses and build how our future will look together.  

I heard Fresh City bought Mama Earth, is that true? Will both companies continue to exist?

Yes, it’s true, we’re joining forces! Fresh City and Mama Earth have competed for years but we believe by working together, we can have an even greater positive impact on the Planet and create an even better experience for our Customers. For the time being, we will run the businesses as they exist today, so that we can learn more about how each operates and build the best future together. 

How will this change my service?

For now, things will be business as usual and there won’t be any changes to your basket experience. We’re taking some time to regroup and put our heads together to make sure that any changes will make your crazy fresh basket experience even better for you, our farm partners and the planet (we love when everybody wins). We’ll be super diligent in keeping our customers informed of any updates via email. 

I've always loved that Fresh City is a small local company, supporting other small local businesses. Will this change?

Great question! Supporting small local businesses and building Ontario’s local food movement is a big shared passion of ours, and it just so happened to be a big reason behind why we decided to join forces in the first place! Now, instead of competing against each other, we’re able to work together to double down and offer better support for our small family run farms and artisans to create a better future of local food for all.


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