Fresh City Joining Community of Certified B Corporations

Today we’re proud to announce that Fresh City has become a Certified B Corporation . There is currently a growing community of over 900 B Corporations who are all working to drive social and environmental change, and redefine success in business. Certified B Corporations are held to a higher standard than traditional corporations, and must legally consider the ramifications of decisions on employees, suppliers, the community, consumers, and the environment.

Why did we become B Corp certified? We aim to do business in a way that respects our health and our environment. We want to elevate the art of eating to where food not only sustains us, but also nurtures family and community, builds economies and stewards the environment. We are committed to creating a deeper connection between food makers and eaters, and to growing our business in a conscientious and sustainable way. Making our commitments explicit by becoming a B Corp challenges us as a company to continually monitor and improve.

We are excited to be joining the numerous ranks of B Corporations who are growing change. Find out more about B Corporations here and read our full impact report here . You can also learn more about how our members are changing the world here !