Fresh City has BIG news!

Fresh City is teaming up with the awesome folks at Front Door Organics to bring more local, organic food to your table! Over the next few weeks, FDO will join Fresh City. Front Door Organics launched in 1997 and has been a pioneer of the local food movement in Toronto. We’re excited to welcome FDO’s seasoned staff onto our team, where they will help us continue to serve our members with the freshest and cleanest food Ontario has to offer. We are confident this is the right move for Fresh City, FDO, and a flourishing local food economy. As always, we are looking forward to growing closer with you!

Yours in good health,

Ran, Angela & JJ

A note from Front Door Organics: 

In 2003, after six years in business, my amazing partner JJ quickly came on board to lend her support and management skills. Nineteen years, two kids, and another small store (Raise the Root in Leslieville) later, we were able to take stock and celebrate all that we had accomplished together. We also realized that there were still many things we wanted to accomplish in our personal lives. So JJ began stepping outside of her role at FDO and I started contemplating whether I wanted to run things on my own. And then a funny thing happened. One day right around then, JJ got an email from Ran Goel, the CEO & Founder of Fresh City, wondering if we’d be interested in joining forces. Right away we knew this was the right direction for FDO. Fresh City and FDO share a goal of improving access to good food, grown right. Plus, they farm right in the city! We realized that we’d be stronger together and could achieve this mission, and so much more, as one entity. Knowing that Fresh City was keen to bring on many of our staff, including myself, and our farmers was also a great relief. I know that change can be scary, but it is also exciting and JJ and I gratefully welcome this opportunity. Change opens up endless possibilities for evolution, progress and growth. That’s why we hope you’ll share our excitement in joining the Fresh City family. 

- Angela

Why are we teaming up?

Both Fresh City and FDO share a common goal: to empower all to make conscious food choices. That means reducing the distance between food makers and eaters, supporting local farmers and growers, and making it easier for people to access fresh and healthy food. We think the best way to achieve our shared vision is together.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Front Door Organics customer: over the next few weeks we will be switching you over to Fresh City. Rest assured, you will continue receiving deliveries without interruption during the transition. We will contact you directly with more details next week! In the meantime, you can expect a few changes over at Fresh City:

  • Very local. Like FDO, Fresh City sources locally first and foremost. We also farm in Toronto and buy directly from dozens of Ontario farmers.
  • Meals made easier. Never worry about lunch or dinner again! Fresh City makes healthy and ready-to-eat organic salads and smoothies, and easy to prepare recipe kits.
  • An updated website. Easy to use and browse, we hope you’ll love our custom-built website.
  • Hundreds of groceries. Expect to see some old favourites from FDO added to Fresh City’s curated lineup of products.
  • Substitute items + FREE customization. Substitutions will look a bit different but you’ll still be able to swap out items. Bonus: there is no extra fee to fully customize your bag!
  • 24 hour order deadline. You can make changes to your order until 9am the day before your delivery.
  • Multiple delivery days. In many postal codes, Fresh City delivers more than once a week.

If you are a Fresh City member (or looking to join!): we are growing… again! If you’ve been following us since 2011 you may remember the days of our wine crate box deliveries, when produce was packed and delivered from our greenhouse at Downsview Park. Since then, some things have changed around here; we now deliver our produce in bags, and have hundreds of other locally sourced and organically grown groceries, ready-to-eat meals and recipe kits available in Our Market. We support over two dozen city farmers in starting up their own local farming businesses, and work directly with over 80 farmers and makers in Ontario to source produce and products for our members. Thanks to YOU, the local food movement is healthy and growing! 



What do I have to do?
Nothing! FDO will send you an email prior to your last FDO delivery. After that, you will receive a welcome email from Fresh City with more information on your new Account. You’ll automatically receive a delivery from Fresh City on your next scheduled delivery date, (don’t worry your FDO Skips Dates will carry over), and you will have time to review and make changes to your bag before it arrives.

When will I get my first bag from Fresh City?
We will be moving Front Door Organics customers over by delivery day. You can expect your first Fresh City delivery in mid to late May but rest assured, both FDO and Fresh City will be in touch by email before then with more details!

How do I pay?
Fresh City accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and both Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Your credit card will be charged at 9am on the day before your delivery. If you currently pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer, someone will be in touch to discuss your payment options.

I have a credit with Front Door Organics. Can I use it at Fresh City?
Yes. We will honour any remaining credits on your FDO account and automatically carry them over to Fresh City.

I have a gift card at Front Door Organics. Can I use it at Fresh City?
Yes. Fresh City will honour any unredeemed gift cards.

Can I put my Fresh City bag on hold or cancel?
Yes. You can skip a single delivery, put your deliveries on hold for a longer period of time or cancel any time. Delivery Holds can be easily managed from your Fresh City Account. We will send you an email once your Account has been activated with more details!

My Front Door Organics box is on hold. What is happening with my hold?
If your FDO account is currently on hold, we will carry the hold over to Fresh City and contact you directly later in May.

What will happen to my Preferences and Never Sends?
Fresh City’s substitutions and ordering system is a bit different from FDO’s. Firstly, it’s FREE to make changes to your bag! In your new Fresh City Account, you can select up to 10 Never Send items and choose what you’d like to receive instead of that item. Alternatively, you can customize your bag from scratch. When you customize a Fresh City bag it empties your bag and allows you to add anything you’d like from Our Market – including groceries! Some of your FDO Preference and Never Send list will carry over to your Fresh City Account, but please be sure to reviews the Substitutions section before your first Fresh City delivery. We will send you a reminder once your new Account has been activated! 

What will happen to my add-ons?
Fresh City is working hard to carry over your add-ons or match them to very similar items. Luckily, Fresh City carries many of the same products and will be bringing some popular FDO items over to Our Market! If you are passionate about a specific product, and worried about its fate, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing      


Box/Bag – what’s the deal?!
We deliver in insulated tote bags with additional cooler bags and ice packs for more temperature sensitive items. Our members love the Fresh City bag because they’re:

  1. Reusable: our bags save about 600+ trees a year
  2. Convenient: easy to carry and store
  3. Really, really good-looking: at least we think so!

I like my Fresh Box. How do I get the same order from Fresh City?
Front Door Organics delivers boxes, Fresh City delivers bags. Despite a few small differences, they’re essentially the same thing! We’ve put together a nifty reference guide so you can compare. We’ll automatically be switching your box over to the corresponding Fresh City bag. Don’t worry, you will have a chance to make changes to your Fresh City bag before your delivery arrives. You will receive an email from us with more details in early May.


How long will the Front Door Organics website be up?
We’re moving customers over to Fresh City in waves over the next few weeks, and when it’s your turn, we’ll send you an email several days in advance with a heads up. The email will have information about your last FDO delivery and your first Fresh City delivery, and everything else you’ll need to know! From then on, you should only use the Fresh City website.

Can I still contact Front Door Organics customer service?
Absolutely! We’d love to hear from you. FDO customer service reps will continue answering calls and emails until mid May. After that, you can reach Fresh City’s Member Support team at 1-888-537-0333 or

What’s happening to the FDO Facebook, Instagram & Twitter?
FDO will be online until June 1st. After that you can follow all of our adventures in local food at @freshcityfarms!

What’s happening to all of FDO’s awesome recipes?
Don’t worry! FDO’s recipes will be joining Fresh City’s extensive collection of healthy, seasonal recipes online. You can search our recipes by diet, season, meal type, prep time or ingredient!


When is my new order deadline?
You can make changes (substitute items or fully customize) to your Fresh City bag up until 9am the day before your delivery. Orders are ready for customization on Thursday afternoons the week prior to your delivery.

Fresh City is missing some of my favourite products! What's happening to them?
We will be adding many of FDO’s most popular products to our website in the near future, so check back soon! Other items, such as baby and household products, will be discontinued for now. We apologize for any inconvenience! If you are worried about the fate of a particular product, please let us know by emailing

Is all the produce at Fresh City organic?
Yes. Everything we carry is certified organic or grown organically without chemical or synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified seed. While any imported produce is certified organic, not all of our local produce is organically certified. Why? We make three main exceptions to certified organic:

  1. Small Growers: Organic certification is often not feasible for small growers and other smaller rural farmers. We believe it's important to support local small-scale farmers who are growing organically where there is a trusted relationship, even if their operation is not certified.
  2. Pesticide-free Hydroponic:  When there is no local soil-grown alternative, we occasionally opt for pesticide-free hydroponically grown produce, which, because it's not grown in soil, cannot be certified organic in Canada (it can be certified in some other jurisdictions).
  3. Pesticide-free Aquaponic: This system uses fish poop to fertilize the plants in a closed-loop system. The fish eat organic feed, no pesticides are used and only certified organic seed is used. Aquaponic systems cannot be certified organic because the plants do not grow in soil. 

Is all the produce at Fresh City local?
We source locally first and foremost. During the growing season, much of the veggies in your bag will be grown right here in Toronto. We do not grow our own fruit (yet). During the colder months, we grow herbs, sprouts and salad greens in our greenhouse at Downsview Park. The remaining produce comes from Southern Ontario farms and from abroad. We do not include produce that was flown in, and our goal is to keep the bag around 70% local on average over the year. We don't think importing produce is evil -- some items like bananas or oranges just don't grow in Ontario and it's also great to support farms in other countries by buying certified organic and fair trade produce from abroad.  However, we do believe that we should be eating much more local than most of us currently do. Local tastes better and is gentler on the planet. For members who want to eat strictly local, we offer the Local Only Bag that features Ontario-only produce every week of the year.

Can I create a custom order?
Yes! Our NEW Do-It-Yourself Bag is an ‘empty’ bag you can fill with anything and everything you need from Our Market! What’s more – ANY of our bags can be fully customized at no extra fee with a minimum order of $35.


How do I return my Front Door Organics Rubbermaid bin?
Fresh City will pick up your bin when they drop off your first bag. Please ensure you leave your bin in an accessible location the morning of your first Fresh City delivery.

My FDO driver knows exactly where and how to deliver my box. Will Fresh City do the same?
Yes, all of your delivery instructions will be carried over from FDO. You can make changes or review your delivery instructions at any time from your Fresh City Account. We will send you an email in May once your new Account has been activated!

Front Door Organics has my building key. What’s happening with it?
All keys, along with any delivery instructions associated with your FDO account, will be safely transferred to Fresh City.

Is my delivery day changing?
Most delivery days will not change and in fact, many of you will now have a choice between multiple delivery days. Some delivery days may change depending on your neighbourhood. We will contact you directly to let you know about any changes to your delivery date or order deadline.

Does my delivery time change?
Fresh City maximizes our routes to minimize our environmental impact and the cost to you. We typically deliver between 12:00 and 9:00pm on your delivery day. Your delivery should arrive around the same time each week, depending on where you fall on our route, the weather and a host of other circumstances.

Does Fresh City have a delivery fee?
Yes, Fresh City has a $3-3.50 geography-based delivery fee but we will waive that fee for deliveries to our Pickup Hubs or orders over $75. The reason we charge the delivery fee separately is that many of our members get more than one bag so we don’t want to double-charge them.

I noticed that Fresh City delivers weekly or bi-weekly. What if I’m currently receiving a delivery every third or fourth week?
If you are currently receiving a delivery every third or fourth week, Fresh City will be in touch with more information on how you can use their Delivery Holds to receive a monthly bag.

How do I return my bags, bottles and jars?
Glad you asked! We reuse our insulated tote and cooler bags, bottles and jars over and over and over to keep costs down and the planet up. On the morning of your delivery, please leave out your returnables (or drop them off at your Pickup Hub) so we can collect them. Be sure to rinse any salad jars and bottles, and recycle any bubble wrap, plastic wrap, cardboard or paper packaging. If there’s a deposit sticker on your bottle, write your first and last name on the sticker so we can be sure to credit your account.

Will my delivery person change?
Possibly. We’ve invited many of the Front Door Organics drivers to join us but they may no longer be delivering on your route. Do keep an eye out for our electric bikes, fuel-efficient vans and say hi to our friendly drivers!

Can I still pick up my bag at the Front Door Organics office?
FDO’s office and warehouse will no longer operate but luckily Fresh City has a nearby Pickup Hub at Bodhi Tree Studio on The Queensway. You can also opt for home delivery for an extra $3-3.50 fee if you prefer! 

Can I pick up my Fresh City bag?
Yes! Fresh City has partnered with dozens of local businesses across the city, and delivery is FREE to all of our Pickup Hubs. In fact, Fresh City’s office at 19 Colville Road near Keele & Lawerence is a Pickup Hub – you can pop by any time to say hi to the team! You can change your delivery preferences at any time from your Fresh City Account. We will send you an email in May once your new Account has been activated!