It turns out that the story of those bean seeds, the fagioli larghi, were given to my grandfather by his other neighbour, Gaetano,  who in turn got the seeds from his mother who received the seeds from her sister. So the lineage is as follows: Gaetano's aunt - Gaetano's mother - Gaetano - Emidio Conte (my grandfather) - Roberto - Mark.

Gaetano, like Roberto, shared seeds, plants, and exchanged information with my grandfather for many years. There were no fences dividing their properties, and every moment spent gardening was also a social affair. Today Gaetano continues to be present as I work Robert's land. In the picture below you can see him instructing me on how to best turn the soil using his leg to lever the shovel to avoid unnecessary back strain.

As a final technical note, according to Gaetano's mother, the first bean pods at the bottom of the trellis are the ones best used for seeds.