At Fresh City, we're proud to be in the trenches of the local food and city farming movement that is transforming how people think about food.  And if things are going to truly change, we have to engage and empower our children.

So we are proud to be partnering with one of the most innovative publishers of children's books, Annick Press, to offer new members of our box program a free copy of Potatoes on Rooftops .  This inspiring book has gotten great reviews (see here for example) and would be a perfect gift for that special young person.

Click here to sign up and use code KIDSFARM to get your copy with the first delivery.  Existing customers can also get a copy of the book for just $12, just drop us an email to request your copy.

"Combining practical tips and well-researched facts, Potatoes on Rooftops is a brisk and informative overview of the how and why of the movement toward small-scale urban farming. There are many ways to farm in the city: a Detroit high school program teaches students to grow food and raise chickens; in Tokyo, a bank vault was converted into an underground greenhouse; in Nairobi, local youth transformed part of a slum into a garden that helps feed their families; First Lady Michelle Obama established an organic garden at the White House; and more in other countries."