This article is about my farming journey from there to here. There being November 2008 which changed my life.  Then I had a comfortable desk job with a big corporation, was settling into a new marriage, life was going as per ‘plan’.  But fate had to take me to other places.  I was in a car accident.  There were no visible fatal injuries but spinal misalignments left me unable to walk.  I was evaluating everything with my maker – why me, why now, this is not how things are supposed to be.  Physically and mentally exhausted I quit my job.   I was lucky I had a compassionate chiropractor who had healing hands and I started to recover.  And through my recovery a discovery – I was being ‘led’ into farming.  It is said some things skip a few generations and for me it was farming.  My grandmother was a farmer’s daughter who had nostalgically talked about playing in the fields in India.  I was attending seminars, enrolling into courses, researching on the net and learning, learning and learning.

Fall of 2011 I met Abra, manager of Fresh City Farms, and I remember her words – ‘sure you can farm in the city!’ I was quite excited to join FCF - a community of like-minded people all wanting to farm. When I started, I had no practical experience but since then I have learnt a lot not only about farming but about myself.  I have discovered I don’t miss my desk job and love working in the fields; I love breaking down soil, planting, seeing seedlings grow, harvesting. I have discovered weeding can be relaxing!  I have discovered I need to tolerate the pests on my plants which leave holes in the leaves because that is a sign of no pesticides being used.  I am discovering we need to build our soils naturally to grow nutritious food.  I am discovering skills like planning, budgeting, analyses etc.… I had developed in the corporate world are transferrable! Fate had yet another twist recently - my husband just got laid off from his job and has joined me in farming and enjoying it. Let’s see where this journey takes us both now – new places, new future - together!

I am discovering I feel renewed and energized like the soil that has been treated respectfully.   I am discovering my maker is after all on my side or is it I am finally on my maker’s side!

If you would like to meet your farmer Chandrika, she has a table at the farmers’ market at The Junction every Saturday.