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Celebrating Fairtrade Month

May offically marks Fairtrade Month in Canada! Every year, Fairtrade Canada dedicates the month of May to help educate, advocate, and celebrate all things Fairtrade. But why is Fairtrade so important? Fairtrade Certification ensures fair and equal pay as well as fair living conditions for the farmers involved in the production of the products we consume. Our Purchasing Team meticuously sources Fairtrade items whenever possible, especially when it comes to items like bananas, chocolate, and coffee. You can always shop our list of Fairtrade-Certified products here!

When creating our delicious housemade products, we opt for the use of Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible. Check out this tasty line-up of prepared items that feature Fairtrade ingredients:

Mabel's Triple Chocolate Brownies:

Created using decadent Fairtrade chocolate.

Mabel's Flourless Chocolate Cake

Our rich dark chocolate ganache icing is made using Fairtrade chocolate.

Mabel's Banana Bread

We mash up some Fairtrade bananas for this classic loaf!

Lovely Lemon Smoothie 

A creamy blend of dates, lemons, cashew milk, and Fairtrade bananas delights your tastebuds in this housemade smoothie!

Organic Very Very Green Smoothie

Drink your greens with this delicious blend of Fairtrade bananas, Granny Smith apples, lemon juice, and Spirulina powder. 

Organic Strawberry Swirl Smoothie

Fairtrade bananas are paired with organic strawberries and organic unsweetened coconut milk in this refreshing sip.

Our selection of prepared offerings are always handmade with fresh, wholesome, and delicious ingredients! Shop your favourites or discover something new here!

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