For me, Pride Month is a time of celebration & reflection.

When I came out to my family and friends, they could not have been more accepting and loving, and I know I’m fortunate in this way. But coming out is not a one-off event; many LGBTQ2S+ people have to come out over and over again, as we do everyday things like shop, travel, go out, go to work, and simply walk down the street. Sometimes we have to keep this part of us hidden because it can be scary and dangerous to tell someone new.

This is why is so important to create a positive, diverse, and inclusive work culture, where employees feel safe being themselves and can thrive. As one of my mentors always said, “bring your best self to work.” This means showing up to work as positive and well intentioned as you can be, but it also means being your most authentic self. A diverse and inclusive culture creates a safe space to be authentic, and when we thrive as individuals, we thrive as a company.

Back in 2010, when I started working for Fresh City, we didn’t have a name, an office, or a farm; and yet, from Day 1, we had a culture. As a small start-up, our culture was not formal. It was in our everyday entrepreneurial spirit as changemakers: curious, ethical, friendly, resilient, inclusive and trustworthy. This spirit was further supported by working within the Good Food movement. Food brings people together and the Good Food movement is diverse, yielding a rich, innovative, and collaborative community where people of varying gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, languages, education, and abilities work together to create positive change for everyone.

The culture that Ran (our Founder & CEO) fostered created an opportunity for me to come out at work and be myself. When my wife and I were married in 2017, my Fresh City family not only celebrated alongside us, they helped us with errands and details to make our day special. My coworkers truly are like family members, so their ongoing support means a lot to me. As a leader of a rapidly growing company, I strive to make Diversity & Inclusion part of every employee’s experience at Fresh City.

While diversity was one of our founding principles, one of our goals this year is to further develop opportunities and programming around Diversity & Inclusion, through events, training and policy development. I am so excited about this Sunday’s (June 16th) U-pick event, where we will be donating 50% of our sales from the U-pick event to The 519. Click here for more info about our U-Pick events.

To celebrate Pride Month, we are also proud to share several stories from LGBTQ2S+ identifying members of our Fresh City family. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed over the next few weeks! Or read them all here!

Diversity strengthens us. Have a safe & happy Pride!