Four creative carrot recipes to get you through that 2lb bag of carrots in no time!

Orange-Cumin Carrots
via Jamie Oliver
Carrots are brilliant – full of vitamins and extremely good for you. In the last year or so, we've been lucky enough to have seen lots of different varieties of carrots available in the shops – long, round, peculiar-shaped, and even some purple ones.

Carrot Salad with Harissa, Feta, and Mint
via Smitten Kitchen
We played with this recipe last week, substituting zucchini for carrots. Try it again with carrots this week - maybe even with some julienned mango for a sweeter take.

Vegan Carrot Coconut Muffins
via Oh She Glows
Nothing could compare to my favourite Carrot Coconut Muffin from Capital Espresso in Parkdale, but this health-ified version is great for late-day cravings when all the Capital muffins have disappeared and I'm trying to have a wheat- and dairy-free day (sub quinoa flour for the kamut).

Carrot Fries with Dilly Dip
via Jamie Slavin
A Fresh City favourite (your kids will love them too)!  Carrots and dill have a real affinity for one another. This recipe showcases their compatibility by providing a hit of refreshing dill flavour to the intense depth of roasted carrots. Cutting these carrots into long thin strips down the middle makes them look like thin cut fries. A perfect size and shape to plunge into the dilly dip.