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Burger 101

When it comes to making an amazing burger, we’re of the mindset that the most important factor is the quality of your ingredients. No surprise here, that’s how we think about food in any form around here. Once you have that taken care of, follow our tips to build your best-ever burger.

1. Start with a quality patty: For a meat burger, start with meat from animals raised the way nature intended. Our Healthy Butcher beef patties are always either grass fed or 100% organic. According to Mario Fiorucci, The Heathly Butcher’s co-founder, patties should contain 20-25% fat content to start as you’ll lose a significant percentage of fat during cooking. This will ensure your patty doesn’t end up tasting dry. To cook the patties, lightly brush your grill with oil if you’re using a barbeque or heat a little oil in a skillet. Cook the patty for 3 minutes over medium heat, flip using a sharp spatula, and cook for another 2½ minutes over medium-low heat to achieve medium rare, an extra minute for medium. Fight the urge to flip the patties too often in order to get that perfect, flavour-packed crust.

For a vegetarian burger, opt for patties made with whole ingredients, including a mixture of veggies and spices (and often times beans). Make sure not to overcook these so that the patty doesn't dry out. 

2. Grill your bun: Lightly grilling your bun before building your burger will give it some added sturdiness to hold up to a juicy patty and fillings, so make sure you don’t skip this step. For extra flavour, brush the inside of your buns with a little melted butter or coconut oil. Not grilling? No problem, simply sear the inside of your patties instead. 

3. Up your (sauce!) game: There is nothing wrong with going for classic condiments like mustard or ketchup, but we love adding a little something different to the mix like Okazu’s Chili Miso Sauce, made with miso paste, tamari and sesame seeds, or a drizzle of our Mabel's hot sauce.

4. Make it seasonal: Prepare seasonal toppings for your burger to reflect what’s currently growing locally and at the peak of taste. Try charred and coarsely chopped wild leeks in May, thinly sliced radishes in June, grilled zucchini in July and fresh or charred peach wedges in August.

5. Don't forget the tang!: Adding something tangy to your bugers will help cut the richness of your patty and bun while rounding out all the flavours. A traditional dill pickle will do the trick, but we love a little sauerkraut or kimchi as well as making our own quick-pickled veg or fruit.

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