Fresh City is once again upping our green game! Since 2010, we have been leading the way in growing sustainably. For the past few years we’ve been cultivating and nurturing city farmers in the hope that city farms will one day be as commonplace as convenience stores.

To help make our city farming and delivery programs even more environmentally sound, we have also been moving towards creating a carbon neutral operation. How? Delivering over 1 in 5 bags by bike.  Purchasing the most fuel efficient van in its class.  Encouraging more pickup points.  This all means less congestion and carbon emissions.

For our latest green energy initiative we’re proud to announce that Fresh City is now sourcing sustainable energy from Bullfrog power at our packing station, right across the street from the farm! We're excited to share this news with our members  – the next time you get your bag you can feel extra great about contributing to an even more sustainable future.

What can you do to help us up our green game?

Start a pickup point! Already getting a bag delivered to your apartment, office or know a few friends in the area interested in joining a CSA? Although our routes are designed for maximum efficiency and minimal emission, pickup points are a great way to further minimize our environmental impact. To setup a pickup point, first confirm that you have at least three people willing to participate and then email