Fresh City Farms' business model allows Member Farmers to gain a variety of transferable skills due to the experiential learning opportunities and tangible results of the farming practice. Notwithstanding the agricultural skills acquired farming land, Member Farmers are also given the opportunity to engage with business operations and management. This is achieved due to the required volunteer hours that urge our involvement in activities such as the following: 1) preparing weekly food boxes and farmers' market produce; 2) coordinating and delivering products; 3) attending farmers' markets and selling produce; 4) recording our respective harvests and keeping tab of our produce sales at markets; and 5) communicating our activities and products to the public and engaging with the like-minded and skeptics. The above examples give an idea of some of the spin-off benefits of the Member Farmer program. In future posts I intend to elaborate on specific examples in order to highlight the skills and lessons learned as a Member Farmer. As always, it is a question of how much you want to contribute to the operations that will determine how much you will gain.