The Cutting Veg is an organic farm located in Sutton, Ontario. They run a variety of programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health. Recently we purchased a large quantity of several different varieties of garlic from them, which will be distributed amongst our members shortly!

A World of Garlic - The Cutting Veg

Before taking off for paternity leave, we got Daniel Hoffman, owner and founder of The Cutting Veg, to share his perspective on farming, and on life in general:

The truth is that I'm a Social Worker disguised as an Organic Farmer. Graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in Social Work in 1998, it became clear to me that if I wanted to be "of service" in this world, that it started with being the healthiest seed I can be.  I have a little poem that guides me: "From one seed, an entire orchard can grow. So I shall be the healthiest seed I can be." Being my healthiest seed means i) doing personal growth work to become more self-aware, and ii) practicing sustainable living.  Thus, I got into farming not because I wanted to be a farmer, but because I wanted to learn to grow my own food as part of the journey of learning sustainability skills.  Once I started, I realized that I loved it, and decided organic farming was the career for me.

One of the slogans for The Cutting Veg is "Growing Veggies, Growing People."  But, in truth, we do neither.  Instead, we provide an environment in which veggies and people can grow themselves.  During my 14 years of farming, I have learned that a farm can be an incredible place for people to have a therapeutic experience.  Provide some farm activities, kind people, and a supportive environment, and people will reconnect with their spirit, and form great connections with others, their environment, their food, and perhaps The Divine.  Being a Social Worker on an organic farm is easy --- the farm does all the work!  Providing an environment in which people and veggies can grow themselves has proven to be a wonderfully meaningful life.  If you would like to learn more, or get involved, please visit I hope you'll join us on the farm next year, but until then, Keep Livin' on the Veg!

Daniel Holding Garlic