COVID-19 Policies, Item Availability & Delivery Impacts

updated March 26th

Thank you for putting your trust in Fresh City during this unprecedented time.   The increase in volume we are seeing continues to be staggering. Due to COVID019 we have seen a huge surge of 3x to 5x normal volumes both in store and online.  These are our family members, friends and neighbours who are all concerned about social distancing and reaching out to a service that can support them.  We are honoured to be there for our city. Due to the staggering surge in demand, we have made some changes:

New Accounts:

We have paused new account sign ups. 
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Order Limits:

  • Individual orders are capped at $300 (maximum).  
  • There is a daily cap on the number of deliveries per day. Orders that are in our system and above $27 will qualify until the cap is reached.  Once the cap is reached we cannot take on any additional deliveries that day.

Remember, we deliver to most areas of Toronto more than once a week!

Inventory & Credits:

You've likely noticed a lot of products missing in your deliveries. Please appreciate that our teams -- chefs, retail associates, dishwashers, customer support, pickers, drivers, receivers, stockers -- have literally been working around the clock to keep our stores stocked and online orders fulfilled. We and all of our key suppliers are up and running and reacting to this situation. There may be shortages of particular products over some periods of time given the sudden ramp up, but there is no need to hoard. The sudden jump in volume has been made more complex by employee absence due to self-isolation periods or child-care gaps and late deliveries or shortages from key suppliers.

Credits for missing items will be applied to your account within 24-48 hours of your delivery.  

Customer Service:

We apologize if you have been reaching out by phone or email, and we have not yet replied. Our team is extremely busy and we simply can’t answer all of the calls or emails we are getting in a timely manner.  A friendly reminder to always check our FAQs before picking up the phone or sending the email - you may find the answer you’re looking for here.

Delivery Delays:

  • Upcoming deliveries may be delivered as late as 12am.  Rest assured that it is coming.  
  • Turn on delivery notification alerts to be notified that your order has been delivered.
  • In some cases we will need to change your delivery to a different day. If you are going to be impacted by a change to your delivery date, we will contact you to let you know.
  • Requests for specific delivery times cannot be accomodated.

Delivery Packaging:

To help reduce the risk to our customers, we are now delivering in cardboard boxes.  Please recycling your boxes.

Please note: There will still be some reusable packaging inside your box.  This might include our large tote bags, small cooler bags, ice packs & insulation packs.  Please save those and any jars and return them to us on your next delivery. Prior to re-use, we clean all bags using a food-grade formulated disinfectant and sanitizer that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide.

Safe Deliveries:

Effective March 12th we implemented non-contact deliveries. Our delivery notification alerts will notify you once your order has been delivered. To confirm your notifications settings, simply log in to your account and click Notifications. 

Our drivers are making an enormous number of deliveries per day, and it's ultimately the driver's final decision about where to deliver your bag. They will assess the situation, factor in our below policies, as well as assess the risk to their own health and safety. As a result, we will not be able to accommodate specific delivery requests.

Condos, Apartments & Office buildings:
Our drivers will be avoiding going into the elevators and building floors (even if you have requested delivery to your unit door).  We will do our best to always deliver to the concierge. In the event there isn't a concierge, we may still leave the bags inside the building lobby/entrance if we feel it's the safest option for our team.  On the rare occasions that we do deliver to unit door, we will not knock or ring.

We will leave your bags at your door (front/back/side, whichever requested) without knocking or ringing. We are doing our best not to touch door handles, so you may find your bags outside on your covered porch or at your screen door rather than inside it.

Returning Bags & Jars:
Please help us get empty bags and jars back by being sure to leave them with your concierge (apartments/condos), in the lobby, or at your door (houses) on the day of their delivery, since we won't knock/ring at your door.

Pickup Hubs:
Fresh City Ossington & Penguin Pickup locations will continue to operate as usual for now.  All other pickup hubs (includeing Mabel's) will be moved to home delivery. 

Our Kitchen:

In our kitchen, we have made the difficult decision to halt production on some items in order to shift capacity to the most ordered items (like frozen entrees).  The following items are no longer available for purchase until further notice: all wraps and breakfast jars, as well as some smoothies, meal jars,  side dishes, meal kit bundles, meal jar value packs and family size meal kits.  We thank you in advance for your understanding. 

New Hours at Our Stores:

Fresh City The Healthy Butcher Mabel's Bakery

Mon to Fri:
11am to 7pm
Sat & Sun:
10am to 6pm


Shop Online!

Mon to Fri
7:30 am – 3:30 pm
8:00 am – 3:30 pm
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Mabel's St. Clair

In addition, we are currently only accepting credit and debit payments for the safety of our customers and staff. No cash payments. 

Most Importantly: 

We ask for your kindness. It has taken tremendous courage and empathy from every one of our team members to show up to work everyday and service our customers. Please be kind to us and to each other. We know it is frustrating to not see some of your regular items on our site but we are trying as fast and as hard as we can. We need each other to get through this together.

In the Coming Weeks:

We are working hard to maximize our coverage and we apologize for any inconveniences. Please know that we are doing absolutely everything in our power to fulfill the tremendous volume of orders we are receiving.

We are tracking Toronto Public Health updates and news reports regarding COVID-19, and as things develop, we will re-evaluate and keep you updated about any changes to our policies, procedures and/or operations.

Keep well,