Howdy all,

I hope that you are all starting to enjoy the lovely fresh produce that mother earth is bringing for us this beautiful summer. However, do you all remember when not too long ago this beautiful summer was a terribly wet spring. A wet spring that was especially challenging to an urban farmer in his first season that was trying turn about 5 lawns into gardens. The wet weather served as a major impediment to finishing the tillage of my garden sites and thence delayed my plantings and resulted in the failure or certain crops, namely carrots. However I was lucky to be able to have at least one site (a green roof!!!) where tillage was not necessary and I was able to get some crops in early. It has been an adventure exploring the joys and challenges of urban farming, but the rewards are in sight with mustard greens and bok choy ready to harvest and much more coming around the corner. All the stress of building this urban agri-infrastructure is about to pay off!

Peas & Love,