This week we created your Fresh City bag with Thanksgiving in mind! To help you make the most of your fresh, local, organic produce, we're sharing some scrumptious seasonal holiday recipes below...

If you got BEETS in your bag... try these Boiled Beets with Tarragon Butter from Saveur

If you got POTATOES in your bag... cook up some of these Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic from Valleybrink Road

If you got ONIONS in your bag... make this Sage and Onion Stuffing from BBC Good Food

If you got CARROTS in your bag... go for these Rosemary Roasted Carrots from Oh My Veggies

If you got TURNIPS in your bag... try this Buttery Turnip Pure e from Balanced Bites

If you got CRANBERRIES and or ORANGES in your bag... here is a fantastic Fresh Cranberry and Orange Sauce recipe from The Reluctant Gourmet

If you got GREEN BEANS in your bag... use this Browned Butter Garlic Green Bean recipe from Pidge's Pantry