GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD is a Toronto based social enterprise committed to making a difference, one meal at a time. They believe that the goal of a business is more than just the pursuit of profit and donate one meal to help fight world hunger for every product purchased. Their Indian simmer sauces and spreads are handmade in Toronto using fresh, whole and mostly organic ingredients. They contain no additives, preservatives, powders, extracts or concentrates. GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD also strives to source as many of their ingredients possible locally, and have partnered with Samsara Fields in Waterford, ON to source certified organic produce during the Ontario growing season.

For those new to cooking Indian food, or looking for some fresh inspiration, we've sourced 6 quick & easy recipes from GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD's repertoire to help you jazz up your weekly dinner rotation! Each recipe uses one of their delicious sauces or spreads, which you can find here in Fresh City's online market

Sweet Potato Vindaloo

This is an original recipe created by GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD to balance out the heat in their fiery Vindaloo Fresh Simmer Sauce with the mild sweetness in sweet potatoes.

Sunshine Stew with Coconut Curry Sauce

Gloomy days make you want to eat food that will compensate for the lack of sunshine. This “sunshine stew” using GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD's Coconut Curry Simmer Sauce will not only remind you of the tropics but also comes loaded with energy and mood boosting vitamins (thanks to superfoods kale and sweet potato).

Mini Mumbai Mint Quinoa Patties

These mini quinoa patties are loaded with the goodness of vitamins and protein and bursting with fresh mint and Indian flavours. Use them as an easy appetizer or a quick main for a busy weeknight.

Crustless Eggplant Pizza with Bunol Asado Spread

This delicious pizza is completely grain free as it uses eggplants as the base. Eggplant rounds are then topped with Bunol Asado – GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD's Mediterranean spread loaded with 1 lb. of vegetables that have been roasted for hours. Cheddar cheese is used in this recipe, but you can substitute for mozzarella or goat cheese. It's a delicious, nutritious, hearty, easy and quick meal for any night of the week.

Kale & Mushroom Enchiladas with Chiltomate Sauce

Chiltomate is a very versatile Mexican cooking sauce and great for making tacos, enchiladas, Mexican rice, huevos rancheros and for slow cooking meats. Here’s how you can make spicy enchiladas with kale and mushroom in a few easy steps.

Chana Masala

Just like Butter Chicken, Chana Masala is a very popular dish in Indian restaurants. It makes for a great side that is rich in protein and fibre. So, next time skip the take-out line and make chana masala in the comfort of your own home in under 10 minutes using this simple recipe and only 4 ingredients.