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6 Facts You Might Not Know About Bananas

Bananas, you know them and love them, but how well do you really know them? At Fresh City, our bananas have been Fairtrade-certified from the very beginning. Read on to learn 6 surprising facts about this household staple!

1. On average, Canadians consume 15 kg of bananas per year. That's a lot of peels! The second place goes to the banana's confidant, apples! With an average 10 kg consumed per year.

2. There are over 1000 varieties of bananas grown around the world! In Canada, we commonly see the Cavendish banana.

3. Bananas grow on plants. Rather than growing on trees, bananas grow on a large plant.

 4. It takes a Cavendish banana 9-10 months to fully grow. From the seed to harvest, the growing cycle takes almost a full year to be ready for consumption.

5. Bananas are the largest berry in the world! Step aside strawberries and blueberries.

6. Bananas are a part of the herb family. 

We always source Fairtrade Bananas on our market from amazing vendors. One being Equifruit, the leading Fairtrade-certified Banana importer in Canada! Read more about the amazing people behind Equifruit in our latest Meet the Maker blog. 


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