Take a minute to think about how many times you eat per day. How about per week? Per year? 

Every time we eat we have a new opportunity to pick foods that nourish and heal us OR slowly deteriorate us. But when we're juggling work, events, relationships and all other types of commitments, making healthy choices a priority can be difficult. That's where Fresh City's Recipe Kits come in. While you're busy moving mountains, Fresh City does all the growing, planning, shopping, measuring, and driving for you! All you need to do is follow simple step-by-step directions and enjoy a healthy, seasonal, home-cooked meal.

This week on the blog I want to share 5 reasons why Fresh City Recipe Kits have transformed my health, and maybe yours too!

5 Ways Recipe Kits Transform Your Health:

1. They're convenient (skip the takeout!)

One complaint I always here from clients is 'I don't have time to eat healthy'. Instead of picking up fast food on your way home from work, why not have a healthy alternative delivered to your door? You'll have all the benefits of a healthy, home-cooked (and seasonal!) meal without having to shop or think about it.

2. Balanced, nutritionist approved meals

95% of diets fail because there is too much restriction and dependance on a strict program. Healthy eating shouldn't be a one-time fling... it's a healthy, long-term relationship with a VIP (yes, you!!). Fresh City's Recipe Kits are more than just delicious, they are carefully crafted for optimal nutrition.

3. Local and organic tastes better

I can remember the first time I ate organic spinach straight from the ground. It was so buttery and delicious, I could eat it like an apple! Fresh City sources the best produce and ingredients for their Recipe Kits so you can feel good about fueling your body. The meals you'll make are bursting with flavour from farm fresh, organic ingredients. 

4. Learn to cook like a pro!

Maybe you can't cook a pot of rice or maybe you've got a solid rotation of several recipes you make again and again. No matter your kitchen know-how, Fresh City's Recipe Kits are sure to up your game. You will be introduced to a vast array of new and exciting recipes, ingredients, and cooking skills. Impress your partner, friends, family, and best of all, yourself!

5. Pre-portioned ingredients means less waste

In Toronto, single-family households discard about 275 kilos of food waste each year. Recipe Kits are pre-portioned so you won't have a bunch of herbs wilting in your fridge when you only needed a few tablespoons. On top of that, Fresh City's ingredients are organic, locally sourced whenever possible, and of the highest quality so there is less pesticide use and greenhouse gas emissions as a result. 

No one ever said you can't have your kale and eat it too. Feel inspired, get creative, and most importantly have FUN with cooking. Click the button below to get started on your healthy-eating journey!

About Dee Buryk
Dee is Fresh City's Certified Nutritional Practioner, yoga instructor and founder of Growing Goddesses. She loves inspiring people to understand how simple changes in our lives can make major changes in how we feel about our bodies.