You eat over 1,000 meals each year. Is that food nourishing you OR slowly breaking your body down? Let's face it -- most of us mortals need all the help we can get to eat better. That's where Fresh City's Recipe Kits come in. We prepare and deliver pre-portioned ingredients and you follow simple step-by-step directions to enjoy a healthy, seasonal, home-cooked meal. How can that change the way you eat?

1. Eat healthy and clean

Healthy eating shouldn't be a one-time fling... it's a healthy, long-term relationship with a VIP (yes, you). Fresh City's Recipe Kits are more than just delicious, they are carefully crafted by chefs and nutrtitionists for optimal nutrition. And the ingredients are organic and as local as it gets  -- some of them grown right in Toronto!

2. Cook chef-inspired meals from scratch

Maybe you can't cook a pot of rice or maybe you've got a solid rotation of several recipes you make again and again. No matter your kitchen know-how, Fresh City's Recipe Kits will up your game. You will be introduced to new and exciting recipes and ingredients. Impress your friends and family, and best of all, yourself!

3. Save time, lots of time

Add up all the time it takes you to meal plan, go to the grocery store, shop your list, pay, schlep home... it easily adds up to 80+ hours per year for the average Canadian. Fresh City gives you that time back. Instead of picking up fast food on your way home from work, why not have a healthy alternative delivered to your door? You'll have all the benefits of a healthy, home-cooked (and seasonal!) meal without having to shop or think about it.

4. Waste less, spend less

In the bowels of every fridge lurks food that has gone or will go to waste. That half-full jar of speciality sauce you used once two years ago, the sad squash in your veggie drawer, the whimpering bunch of basil... with Fresh City Recipe Kits, you get exactly what you need to make a recipe. And you skip the often unhealthy impulse buys at the grocery store. That means more money in your pocket and a happier planet.

Fresh City is proud to be your partner in leading a healthier life. We farm in Toronto and deliver local and organic produce, recipe kits and ready-to-eat meals all over the GTA. For a limited time only, use coupon code 4REASONS to get $15 off your first order. 

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