4 HUGE Reasons Why You Should Start Eating More Local, Organic Plants NOW!

By Gabrielle Ouimet

1. Your Health:Did you know that almost half of the stress we put our bodies through is because of our food choices? This stress comes from highly processed, refined, inflammatory foods . These foods take a lot of digestive energy to break down, leaving less energy for other important things like physical energy and immunity and release harmful toxins in the process creating inflammation and damage. Furthermore, because these foods are a stress on our body, we release stress hormones when we eat them, causing us to gain weight and sleep poorly. Then we want to reach for the processed foods for a quick energy boost! This vicious cycle sends us on the path of chronic disease, low energy and just plain feeling rotten. Eating more fruits and vegetables provides your body with tons of easy to digest nutrition like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to fuel your body properly and keep you healthy, energized and happy ! Plus when you are choosing organic and local plants- no worrying about toxic chemicals, hormones or antibiotics finding their way onto your plate.

2. The Health of the Environment : Climate change is a scary thing and one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint (and hence your contribution to climate change) is to opt for more plants and fewer animal products . Animal agriculture accounts for 18% of carbon emissions. That’s more than all transportation combined. That means one of the best things you can do for the planet is to start crowding out some of your animal foods with fresh fruits and veggies. Bonus if they are local and organically produced- fewer food miles and environmental toxins!

3. Health and Well-being of Animals: The factory farming of animals is one of the most unjust and cruel things we allow to continue on a daily basis. Even when opting for ethically raised animal products, the fact still remains we are using animals for our own purposes. By choosing to eat more fruits and veggies, you can be sure that more of your food got to your plate without causing any harm or hurt. And that’s food you can feel good about!

4. Health of the Local Economy : I want to live in a world where I know exactly what is going on my plate and what I am putting in my body. I want to know I have autonomy and control over my food and know that corporate and business interests do not trump the interests of people and the planet. Supporting your local farmers by buying local and seasonal produce means we are taking back control !

Bonus #5. Compassion : Compassion for yourself. Compassion for animals and the environment. Compassion and support for the little guys. Compassion so that we can see a future where we know exactly what’s being put on our plate.

Gabrielle Ouimet

Gabby is a student at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition who believes in whole foods and plant-based living. She started out in Kinesiology but soon realized that despite an emphasis on fitness, many people in that industry had low energy and were sick. There was a piece of the puzzle missing! Once Gabby immersed herself in the world of nutrition and realized just how powerful food can be, she became passionate about teaching people how to reclaim their health. Her blog, "The Veggie Nook" is a welcoming, positive and open space, dedicated to showing you how fun, easy and delicious a healthy, plant-based life can be. It is updated weekly with recipes and holistic living tips to keep you inspired. Food is the foundation upon which health grows! Connect with Gabby on her blog , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram .