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11 Facts You Might Not Know About Apples

Represented in the first garden, and prevalent in Western art culture, here are 11 facts you might not know about this Canadian food staple: the apple!

1. The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, was not actually an apple! Apple a.k.a 'aeppel' is an Old English term used for many fruits. Any fruit that is not a typical berry was labelled an ‘apple’. Oranges were considered "Golden Apples”, tomatoes were the "Apple of Love”, dates were "Finger Apples”, pomegranates were "Grainy Apples”, and eggplants were “Mad Apples”.

2. In Latin apple translates to “bad”. The Latin term for apple is 'malum' which is synonymous with ‘bad’. Maybe that is where the idiom “bad apple” comes from.

3. The Golden Apple is what set off the Trojan War in Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris tossed an apple in the midst of the feast of the gods as a prize of beauty, thus sparking a vanity-fueled dispute among the crowd that eventually led to the Trojan War.

4. Apples are not from Canada. Their origins are from KazakhstanApples grew in the uplands of Middle Eastern countries. Then taken to Rome and Greece by Silk Road traders, and America by European settlers.

5. The first apples in North America were not used for eating but rather for ciderApple cider was considered safer than whiskey, tastier than water, and cheaper than beer.

6. It was not until prohibition that apples were considered to be a food source and not just an alcoholic drink. Since apple producers were afraid to lose their market, apples were promoted as a delicious and nutritious food source.

7. Thomas Jefferson is considered the "Founding Father" to the Fuji apple. Story goes, Edmund Charles Genet, French minister to the US  gave Thomas Jefferson a gift of apple cuttings that Jefferson donated to a Virgina nursery - where they cultivated the "Ralls Genet". It was not until 1939 that Japanese breeders crossed Jefferson's Ralls Genet with the Red Delicious Apple - resulting in the now ubiquitous Fuji apple.

8. Apples were first cultivated in Canada in the Annapolis Valley in Nova ScotiaFor a while only the Famous (Snow Apple) was commercially grown but American varieties started to arrive in the Canadian market by 1633, creating a more diverse range of apples in Canada.

9. Apples are related to roses. Along with other fruits like pears, plums, and cherries, apples are members of the rose family.

10. Apples grown from seed will not be anything like their parents because they are genetically creative. This is due to a characteristic known to botanists as extreme heterozygosity. Apple trees will reproduce in the wild, but there is no simple way of controlling reproduction of any two apple trees. This is why there are so many varieties. Apples evolve and adapt to every environment they grow in. Modern apple farming grafts to a younger sturdier trunk called a rootstock to guarantee reproducibility.

11. We have been eating apples all wrong! The apple core has the highest amount of good-for-your-gut bacteria in the entire fruit. Most probiotics and beneficial bacteria is found in the core of the apple itself (as opposed to in the seeds).

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