Why Organic? Why Local? Why a Bag?

Eating local tastes better, is more nutritious and is better for our environment.

Veggies your grandma would recognize…Most of the produce at your typical supermarket is trucked, shipped and flown across vast distances. This travel makes for produce that is tired looking and less nutritious. The tremendous amount of fossil fuel, including oil, required for this transport and refrigeration releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants that contribute to climate change, acid rain, smog and other pollution. Oil in particular comes at a very high human cost, from fueling wars to entrenching oppressive regimes who use the spoils of oil to abuse women, political opponents and minorities.

Also, eating local paradoxically can often mean more variety. Many varieties of produce are great tasting and nutritious — but aren’t available widely because they don’t necessarily travel well. Eating local opens your palate to an array of exotic and heirloom varieties.

Supporting local farms also ensures food security in case of global food shortages. And more of your consumer dollar ends up in the pockets of farmers rather than a series of brokers and middlemen.