There are many ways you can get your hands in the dirt with Fresh City Farms.

Organic Urban Gardening 101

Organic Urban GardeningEventbrite - Organic Urban Gardening 101
Want to be in control of what’s in and on the food that you eat? We can relate! The age-old art of growing your own delicious, garden fresh food is making a comeback. Go from absolute beginner to savvy city gardener.
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Organic Balcony Gardening 101

Organic Balcony GardeningEventbrite - Organic Balcony Gardening 101
No yard? No problem. We’ll help you turn your balcony into a container-garden oasis. Imagine your space filled with a bounty of colourful, healthy food. Improve your view and your health all at once. What a deal!
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Garden Planning & Design

Garden Planning & Design Eventbrite - Garden Planning & Design
Think veggie gardens are dull? With a little planning, you can have abundance and beauty too. Learn to create a garden design that maximizes your growing conditions and has a look and feel that makes you say ahhhh…
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Mastering the Art of Composting & Soil Nutrition

Mastering the Art of CompostingEventbrite - Mastering the Art of Composting & Soil Nutrition
Feed your soil well and it will feed you for a lifetime! Mastering the art of composting and knowing how to read your soil health earns you the keys to your veggie kingdom. Learn pro techniques for building life-giving soil.
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Flowers – Growing Sustainable Beauty

FlowersAre you in love with flowers? Imagine your garden dotted with a full season of blooming colour. Learn to sustainably grow flowers for cutting, attracting wildlife, as well as edible and medicinal uses. 
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Managing Weeds, Pests & Disease

Managing WeedsWhen is a pest not a pest and when is a weed really a salad green? Learning to identify friend and foe and how to naturally manage diseases, insects, pests, and weeds could turn you into a sustainable gardening superstar.
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Growing Micro-Greens

Growing MicrogreensMicro-greens are young, nutrition-packed seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs that you can grow, harvest, and eat in less than 14 days. Learn to sprout these nutritional “powerhouses” at home to enjoy year-round.
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Harvesting, Saving Seeds and Preparing for Next Year

Harvesting & Seed SavingYou’ve done it! Seeds to seedlings to healthy plants – you’re ready to harvest. Learn how to get the max from garden to table, save the seeds from your best producing plants, and get a head start for next year. 
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Canning 101

Canning 101Looking for new ways to enjoy the local, sustainably-grown, seasonal bounty of produce year-round? Learn to simply and safely stock your pantry with beautiful, delicious treats to enjoy long after the season has passed. No experience? No worries. We’ll start with the basics… Read more
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Cultures & Fermentation

Cultures&FermentationsFermenting local, in-season, sustainably grown produce is a great way to “keep it local” and enhance nutrition all year-round. It not only preserves food but also enhances the flavour and nutrient content. From pickles to kimchee and sauerkraut, the value of these foods in our diet is hard to beet and worth the effort. Read more
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Pressure Canning

Pressure CanningWant to keep local, sustainably grown food coming all year-long? Put this year’s harvest under pressure! With a pressure canner you can expand your range of home-preserving projects to include low acid vegetables, low/no sugar fruits, chutneys, jams, soups, sauces and more. Read more
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