We create and perfect new ways to connect food makers and eaters. We teach, we challenge, we encourage.

Why are we?

Our current food production system is not working.

It depletes our soil, pollutes our rivers and creates dead zones in our oceans. It releases gases that will wreck havoc on the lives of today’s most vulnerable in developing countries and our unborn. It often makes us overweight and is not nutritious. It fails to provide a decent living for farmers, stewards of over a third of earth’s surface.

Fresh City strives to play a role in challenging the status quo. We want to re-connect people with the rhythm of farming by re-introducing it to their daily lives. For most of us today, farming is an invisible activity.  Many of us have lost all contact with the very activity that 10,000 years ago set our species off on our present course. By cultivating delicious food right around your corner and partnering with other quality local artisans, we aim to provide you with a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared tomorrow. We deliver local, organic food right to your door. Please join us.


To be a thought and market leader in empowering all to make conscious food choices.

What we believe

  • We believe in the intimate connection between people, land and food.
  • We value artisanal skills and quality production.
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity and embrace diversity.
  • We are innovative and entrepreneurial.

We believe that change is possible. Seriously.